About us

Travellers Bookstore is dedicated to your travel experiences.

Proprietor Claire Woods likes to think of the travel theme broadly and so the shop is not confined just to guide books.

“We sell a broad range of guide books, maps, travel accessories and things to read when you’re thinking of travelling, or when you’re on the road.

“In our view, travel includes almost anything that is about people and places – whether you are visiting them or bringing them into your lounge room.”

History, politics, art and architecture, food, cooking and gardening – you’ll find it all here. We have literature and fiction as well as children’s books.

If we haven’t got it in store we are happy to order it in for you. We can dispatch your order to anywhere in the world.

We serve fair-trade coffee for you to enjoy while browsing, or you can buy a packet to take home.

“I am committed to enriching your travel experience.”

Claire Woods